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Student-centered graduate education for Western Colorado 

In keeping with Colorado Mesa University's tradition of responding to the educational demands of the developing Western Slope, the Davis School of Business launched a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 1997. The program has grown quickly and currently serves a diverse student body that brings unique perspectives and a range of professional backgrounds to the classroom. Our faculty welcome this diversity as they transform theory into practice through a curriculum that places a premium on the application of new knowledge in the workplace. The faculty also pride themselves on being current in their fields, affiliating with local, regional and national professional organizations and actively engaging in their own personal professional development.

You will discover that few degree programs are as demanding or rewarding as the MBA. In addition to the benefits of completing the degree, many courses provide specific tools that students can begin to use immediately in their own organizations. Focusing on the professional development of individual students, the MBA will challenge your ability to think critically, solve complex business issues and think strategically. 

Through our admissions process we are searching for qualified students who possess the motivation to succeed at this level. If you do not have an undergraduate degree in business, our curriculum is also designed to provide the foundation courses required to successfully complete the full program. We also offer an option to explore the program through several courses as a non-matriculated student, prior to full admission.  Please take a moment to look over our MBA Handbook for additional information. 

I urge you to email us and make an appointment to learn more about the MBA and the full range of programs offered by the Davis School of Business. I look forward to having you in the program.

Dr. Carlos Baldo

Davis School of Business Department Head


[email protected]