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PhD, Business Administration and Management: Universidad Pablo de Olavide Seville Spain
MRes, Business Administration and Management concentration on Human Resources: Universidad Pablo de Olavide Seville Spain
MBA, concentration on International Business: Lynn University
Diploma International Business and Marketing: Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain
Licentiate (Bachelor+1) Business Administration concentration on Management: Universidad Fermín Toro


Before joining Colorado Mesa University, Carlos Baldo, PhD, taught at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Aquinas College in Michigan, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Universidad Fermín Toro and Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado (Venezuela). Baldo taught graduate and undergraduate business courses in management, human resources, business ethics, marketing management and international management. His dissertation is titled “The Relation Client-Headhunter-Candidate from the Agency Theory Perspective (2015)." On his thesis, he argues using context review and quantitative research that agency theory presents better assumptions to understand this trilateral relationship.

Baldo's research interest focuses on understanding the relations between executive search firms, clients and candidates under agency theory. Other research fields for him includes: employers and personal branding, organizational identity, international proactiveness and Catholic higher education among others. His research has been presented in the U.S., Latin America and Europe.

Baldo is a lifetime member at PROSPANICA formerly known as National Society of Hispanic’s MBAs (NSHMBA). He was the South Florida Chapter President from 2008 until 2009. He is member at the Academy of Management, Society of Human Resources Management, the Iberoamerican Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business.

Before starting his academic career, he worked for more than twelve years in accounting and finance positions in sectors of banking, construction, wholesale, entertainment, franchises and medical devices including companies like Philips. From 2010 until 2014, he shared his research and teaching assignments with headhunting activity, serving companies like: Modelez-Kraft Foods, United Distillers, Jarden, Zurich Insurance, AmBev (Anheuser-Busch InBev subsidiary) among other international and national firms in Venezuela.

Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Philosophy

“Never underestimate your students.” 

“Act as if.” from the Boiler Room (2000 movie)

“Teaching involves adapting knowledge transfer to student's characteristics and groups. Make the students understand they are part of a dynamic business world. Consider all possible stakeholders when approaching a situation or problem. Being able to identify answers to their questions with resources available, and making students execute research as a form to validate and question the mainstream.”

Selected Published Work


- Baldo, C., Evert, A., Cheng McCain S., Trawick, S., (2021) A study of Naming Taxonomies in Executive Search Firms industry: A Replication and Extension Study. EMPGENS Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science. Vol.1, No. 1: 1-13.

- Baldo, C., Vail, R., Seidel, Julie (2021). Huawei in Venezuela: A Review of 2006-2019. Contrasting documental findings with interviews. Revista de Gestão (REGE), Special issue: Technological Transition and China-Latin America Relations. Vol. 28 No. 4: 358-375.

- Baldo, C., Wareham, J., Vail, R. (2021). Accredititis: More than 20 years of overzealous hiring practices for business faculty based on AACSB accreditation. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice. Vol. 20 No. 14: 81-94.

- Baldo, C., Snyder, J., and Holguin, A. (2020). Revisiting the Online vs. Face to Face teaching evaluations. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT). Vol. 16, No. 2: 144-157.

Lira, M.V.; Pratt, W.; Baldo C. (2019). Efectos de los cambios de marcas o nombres: Estudio empírico sobre el sector de seguros en Venezuela [Brands or names changes effects: An empirical study on the Venezuelan insurance sector]. Revista Visión Gerencial E-ISSN 2477-9547. July/December 2019 Año 18 No. 2 pag. 219-231.

Baldo, C., Olivas-Luján, M., Valle-Cabrera, R., (2019). Executive recruitment triads from an Agency Theory perspective. Administrative Issues Journal, Summer 2019 Vol. 9, No. 1: 01-18.

Conklin, M.; Baldo, C. (2019). Why employers who pay more are more satisfied. Ivey Business Journal. Issue May-June 2019.

Nadelson, L.; Baldo, C.; Banman, N.; Bonan-Hamada, E.; Calland, R.; Grieco, C.; Noel, C.; Owens, S.; Santos, K.; Sharp, E., (2019). Greater Expectations: Faculty Perceptions and Knowledge of the Teacher-Scholar Model. International Research in Education. Volume 7, No 1. DOI:

Hermans, M., Newburry, W., Alvarado-Vargas, M. J., Baldo, C.; Olivas-Lujan, M. R., Borda, A., Duran-Zurita, E.D.; Geleilate, J.M.G.; Guerra, M.; Lasio Morello, M.V.; Madero, S.M.; and Zwerg-Villegas, A.M. (2017). Attitudes towards Women's Career Advancement in Latin America: The Moderating Impact of Perceived Company International Proactiveness. Journal of International Business Studies. Volume 48, 90-112. DOI:

Baldo, C., (2014). El perfil oculto del candidato ideal. Sobreponiéndose a la información asimétrica en búsquedas ejecutivas usando cazatalentos. [The ideal candidate's hidden profile. Overcoming asymmetric information on executive searches using headhunters]. Gestión y Gerencia, Volume 8 Number 2 May-August 2014.

Book Chapters:

Baldo, C.; Matteo, C.A.; Hull, K.; (2019). Gender in Venezuelan C-Level Positions: Current balance in gender diversity for 21st Century Socialism. In Georgiadou, Gonzalez-Perez, Olivas-Lujan (Ed.), Diversity in Diversity Management. Emerald Publishing.

Baldo, C., Aristeguieta-Trillos S., Hull, K. (2019). Multiple identity organizations and performance: A review of Catholic Institutions of Higher Education in the US and their business departments in Smith, B. (Ed.), Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education. IGI Global. 

Marsden, J., Kois, H., Domingo, M., Walters, W., Cantrell, A., Brown, J., Baldo, C. & Baker, C. (2018). An Examination of Skills Requirements in Businesses in Mesa County.