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davis-school-business-speaker-series-logo.pngThe Davis School of Business Speaker Series seeks to enrich intellectual engagement and encourage lively dialogue between a leading executive or entrepreneur and senior students, alumni, and faculty outside of the classroom. Our goal is to provide a forum for exceptional professionals from a range of industries to openly share their experiences and insights on their path to leadership, explain how their education played a role, and delve into insights about their specific industry and challenges that they face in their position. It allows attendees to relate to these individuals on a personal level and recognize their journey as part of the process to a successful career in business.

This series will create a rich learning experience in our community that will leave a lasting impression. Each attendee will come away with a greater awareness and broader understanding of varying roles within numerous industries. It encourages new connections and conversations with valuable insight directly from the business experts themselves. We aim to ignite a passion in our senior students that drives lasting change as they graduate and begin their own careers. This series takes place four times during the academic year in the late afternoon on the CMU campus.

Mike Rushmore

Join us September 27th at 5pm on the 3rd floor Escalante Hall to discuss Mike Rushmore’s journey. From engineer to finance trailblazer, he’s the visionary behind LoanX, a key contributor to Markit’s exponential growth, and now Chairman Emeritus of the Eagle Valley Community Foundation.

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