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How We Got Our Name

Ron Davis accomplished in business what few people dream of achieving. His track record among entrepreneurs is well known. Having traveled the globe, Davis established meaningful relationships and life-long friendships throughout the world. However, success in business isn’t what provides meaning in his life today. Providing upward mobility for youth and a pathway to a better future has been the focus of his life for more than two decades. He believes each individual human being contains within them equal intrinsic value. He values a world where education plays the continuing role of equalizing opportunity for all people to pursue the higher aim of their choice. The newly established Davis School of Business at Colorado Mesa University will provide a legacy for the values Ron Davis believes can enrich the lives of young people through his philanthropy. 

In 1998, Davis founded the Guardian Scholars at California State University, Fullerton with a preliminary gift of $250,000. The program derived its name from the fact that nearly all the original recipients were former foster youth, and in some respects lacked the “guardians” needed to provide support and resources to further their education. Hence, the Guardian Scholars program was created to cover the cost of their education and provide support. Perhaps just as important, the scholarship came with mentorship opportunities. The program has graduated more than 700 students since its inception and expanded to more than 70 colleges and universities. 

Davis also serves on the board and his service mirrors the values implicit in his philanthropy. He always matches his financial contributions with his time, talent, and treasures. In the case of the Davis School of Business at CMU, his significant investment in CMU scholarships and students will be matched by his tireless efforts on the governing board of the university. 

From business executive to philanthropic leader, Davis’ legacy is fixed not in the brick and mortar of buildings, but in the hearts and lives of the people who have knowledge woven into the fabric of their lives and families because of this generosity.


Contact Information:

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Davis School of Business

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Grand Junction, CO 81501


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