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Colorado Mesa University is proud to join eleven other universities in the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative; a five year grant initiative supported by the Daniels Fund. This partnership will help strengthen principle-based ethics education and foster a higher standard of ethics at CMU and throughout Western Colorado.

Daniels Fund Collegiate Program

Morgan Bridge

Dr. Morgan Bridge

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs


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Megan Englund

Assistant Technical Professor of Office Admin


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Principle-Based Ethics

One of the primary objectives of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is to extend ethics education beyond philosophy and theory to real-world practical application in the use of ethical principles as a framework for personal and organizational decision-making and leadership. Thus, the belief is that ethics education must convey that principles are constant foundations - not relative to a specific situation - and that doing what is right prevails over self-interest when the two may appear to be in conflict.

About Bill Daniels

Learn more about Bill Daniels, the pioneer who established the Daniels Fund.

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