Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting

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If you desire to be classified as an accounting major, submit an admission application to your accounting advisor. Your advisor will verify the accuracy of the information and forward it to the Accounting Admission Committee. 

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About this Program  

If you are considering a career in business, becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will allow you to be a star player on any business team. Because CPAs understand the nuts-and-bolts of finance, their expertise is valued everywhere, from high technology companies to the music industry to the fast-paced world of electronic commerce. The CPA designation is a stepping stone to whatever business career you can imagine. Did you know that the chairmen of several Fortune 500 companies, including Nike (Phil Knight), Home Depot (Arthur Blank), and UNISYS (Lawrence Weinbach) are CPAs?

At Colorado Mesa University our goal is to provide the foundation for our graduates to have a successful career as a professional accountant. We provide several ways in which you can focus your accounting education.

We also offer a combined 5 year program which will allow you to graduate with a public accounting baccalaureate degree and an Master of Business Administration (MBA). This is especially attractive with the national movement toward the 150 hour education requirement. Opportunities for cooperative education supplement the classroom with actual work environment experiences.

Accounting is the one degree with 360 degrees of possibilities. Every business needs accounting help, whether it's a Wall Street law firm, a professional sports team, movie production company, or a rock band. With the proper accounting education, your employment options are endless.

The Public Accounting concentration provides with basic business skills as well as, the accounting knowledge for various professional certificates, and the information system knowledge necessary to design and maintain accounting information systems. Most graduates will have job offers months before they graduate.

The accounting program also offers the option of a five year (3 + 2) program which allows students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA. This program meets CPA certification requirements in all states.