Computer Information Systems

The Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems at Colorado Mesa University provides students with:
  • an understanding of the role information systems play in organizations
  • the technical competence suitable to analyze business problems from an Information Systems perspective
  • the opportunity to design and build information systems
  • the fundamentals of business administration

This knowledge and skill set is gained by taking classes that introduce the student to information systems theory and provide hands-on experience with development tools. Our program will provide the undergraduate student with practical knowledge and marketable skills that are highly demanded. Indeed four of the five job categories that are projected to have the highest growth over the next decade are related to computer information systems.

If you plan to work in business, then you need to understand technology. From marketing to human resource management, from decision making to customer service, all areas of business rely on information technology. Graduating from Colorado Mesa with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, you will be ready for a career in business and ready for the information technology challenges of the future.

We are looking for students who enjoy problem solving, who like participating in teams to solve business problems and who like to work with computers. Potential employers realize that students who major in Computer Information Systems have these qualities and have gained a deep understanding of computers and their potential benefits for business.

A degree in Computer Information Systems opens the door to many career opportunities. Some job titles of graduates of Computer Information Systems are:

  • The business analyst or systems analyst looks at the business processes of a firm and determines how Information Systems might best be applied to the situation. Analysts might work with programming, databases, networks or web page development. Each of these positions requires an understanding of process modeling and system design.
  • Consultants, who can serve internally or externally for an organization, work in any field but understand how to apply technology to business problems. They might provide technical support directly to users on a help desk.
  • A variety of specialties, such as; database administrator, network administrator, system administrator, and information systems manager.