CMU is pleased to offer its faculty on-going professional development opportunities. See below for information from workshops with guest presenters, as well as from the colloquia with CMU faculty.

Guest Presenters

Elizabeth Long Lingo

January 12, 2018: Innovative Leadership Workshop

Donna Beegle

January 12, 2017:  Breaking the Iron Cage of Poverty: Tools for Increasing Educational Success

Paul Gaston

January 5-6, 2012

January 10, 2013

Leslie Myers

April 9-10, 2015: Brainy But Balanced: Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance in Academia

August 13, 2014

Linda Nilson

August 19, 2016: Critical Thinking Unmasked: How to Infuse it into a Discipline-Based Course

Terrel Rhodes

January 16-17, 2014

Faculty Colloquia


Colin Carman, Instructor of English

Tree-Worship and Oedipal Ecology of The Tree and The Tree of Life

Bill Flanik, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Building "Stages for Sages" of Training "Guides on the Side"? Pedagogical Metaphors of the SoTL Literature

Suzie Garner, Professor of Art

National Distance Learning Week: A Visual Approach to Teaching Online

Erika Jackson, Assistant Professor of History

The Importance of Nordic Whiteness: Scandinavians in Chicago and Modern America

Robert Whitmore, Lecturer of Biology

Acoustic Communication in Birds: Habitat Fragmentation Leads to Signal Variation: The Mangrove Warbler in Baja California Sur, Mexico


Tim Casey, Professor of Political Science

Monumental Sense of Place: Recreation Studies on BLM Public Lands Around the Colorado Plateau

Cynthia Chovich, Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Lost in Space: Not if They are Engaged

Emma Fleck, Assistant Professor of Business

To Grow or Not to Grow: Challenges or Choices for Female Entrepreneurs?

Beverly Lyne, Assistant Professor of Nursing

From Colorado to Uganda with Hope

Araan Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Art

Presenting New Work From the Iron Stone Symposium, Sablie, Latvia

Elizabeth Sharp, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Teaching in Kenya

Tom Walla, Professor of Biological Sciences

Finding Shakira in the Upper Amazon


Melissa Connor, Associate Professor of Forensic Anthropology

The Pig-of-the-Month Club: Seasonal Variation in Decomposition in a High Altitude Desert

Jennifer Daniels, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Costa Rica: An Educational Experience

Courtney Kasun, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Healthcare Decisions: How to Secure Your Wishes in Colorado

Deborah Kennard, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Technology

Fire, Alien Invaders, and Ancient Trees: How Student Research is Informing Management of the Colorado National Monument

Susan Longest, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Wildlife Ecology and Conversation in South Africa

Stephanie Matlock, Instructor, Biological Sciences

Faculty Fellowship with US Fish and Wildlife Service: Summer in Alaska

Tamera Minnick, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Technology

Walkabout in Restoration Ecology: Principles and Practices from Down Under to Up Yonder

Gigi Richard, Associate Professor of Geology

The Status and Future of the World's Large Rivers: Perspectives from France and the Colorado River

Adam Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor of History

Beer, Castles, and Nazis? In search of the Authentic Germany in Postwar Bavaria

Eric Sandstrom, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Is the News Media a Straight Shooter When it Comes to Guns?


Morgan Bridge, Professor of Business;  Tim Hatten, Professor of Business

Faculty-led Tour of Businesses in Eastern Europe

Adele Cummings, Professor of Sociology

Student Subcultures at CMU: Group Identification and Perceptions of a Dominant Campus Subculture by Lower-Division Students

Timothy Galpin, Assistant Professor of Business

Leading the Sustainable Organization

Beverly Lyne, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Lessons from the Field: a Nurse's Story

John Marshall, Vice President for Student Services

Traveling as a Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund

Steven Murray, Professor of Kinesiology;  Doug O'Roark, Professor of History

From War to Sport, Spears in Ancient Greece: What Effect Did the Ankyle Have on the Throws?

Eric Sandstrom, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

The Holocaust Wasn't Journalism's Finest Hour: What Would Aristotle Do?

Anne Spalding, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Re-envisioning Higher Education: Techniques for Collaborative, Challenge-Based Learning

Sarah Swedberg, Associate Professor of History

My Travels in Lunacy: Mental Illness in the Early American

David Weinberg, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Improving the Utilization of Natural Gas and Solar Energy via Conversions into Liquid Fuels