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CMU Internship Agreement

CMU Internship Learning Outcomes

CMU Internship Student Experience Evaluation

CMU Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form

CMU Non-Employee Request for Reimbursement

CMU Waiver, Release, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnification Agreement

Department Head Feedback Form - Full-time Faculty

Department Head Feedback Form - Part-time Faculty

Exemplary Faculty: Eligibility, Nomination Criteria, & Candidate Documentation Template

Full-Time Faculty and Administrative Staff Position Authorization Form

Individualized Learning Contract (NOT for Internships)

Lecturer Evaluation Policies-Procedures

Promotion Cover Sheet (Technical Only)

Tenure and Promotion forms:

Transitional Retirement Application - (updated 4/18)

CMU Full Time Faculty Vita Form

CMU Part Time (Adjunct) Faculty Vita Form

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Authorized Signature Form

CMU Non-Employee Request for Reimbursement

Faculty Absence from Class Form

Faculty Qualifications Forms:

Faculty Professional Development Fund (FPDF) Proposal Submission Form

Lecturer Evaluation Rubric

Performance Evaluation for Faculty

Performance Plan for Faculty

Performance Plan/Evaluation for Department Heads

Policy Format

Promotion Cover Sheet (Tech)

Sabbatical Leave Application

Tenure and Promotion Cover Sheet (Academic)

Transitional Retirement Application