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As of Fall 2015, General Education transitioned to Essential Learning. The Essential Learning and General Education (Gen. Ed.) requirements are a set of University-wide basic courses that form the foundation of all undergraduate degree programs.

Things to note:

  • The Essential Learning and Gen. Ed. listings can be found under the Undergraduate Requirements section of the CMU Catalog.
  • Students who are pursuing an Associates of Applied Sciences have a fewer number of Essential Learning or Gen. Ed. Requirements.
  • Some majors require specific Essential Learning or Gen. Ed. courses, so students should consult with an advisor before selecting which Essential Learning or Gen. Ed. courses to take.
  • Baccalaureate degree-seeking students are required to complete Essential Learning Capstone course ESSL 200, Essential Speech, and ESSL 290, Maverick Milestone. For information on ESSL 290 course topics offered in a given semester, please visit the ESSL 290 Course Descriptions page.
  • For more information on your selected program of study and coordinating requirements, please visit the CMU Catalog.