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Student Learning Assessment Handbook

2019 CMU Chemists - Dr. Joe Richards; Ms. Suzanne Kenney; Dr. Phil Kiefer; Dr. Tim D'Andrea; Dr. Sam Lohse; Dr. Andrew Wolff; Dr. Andrew Vinyard; Dr. David Weinberg

Spotlight on Assessment 
Chemistry Program

The Assessment Committee would like to recognize the Chemistry program as the Spotlight on Assessment Spring 2019. 

The Chemistry faculty have utilized many differing assessment activities including tests, papers, presentations, and the Major Field Test (MFT).  Student data was used and assessment was clearly systematic and intentional.  Several changes have been implemented within the courses of the program.  As examples, in Chemistry 341, based upon assessment data from past years, the Instructor spent more time reviewing relevant theory which then allowed students to achieve the learning outcome at the capstone level, demonstrating an increased comprehension of the material.  Another action taken in Chemistry 341 this year, based upon assessment data received in prior years, was an emphasis by the Instructor on comparing collected data to known values.  Assessment data to be gathered the next semester will demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy or the need for additional interventions.

Excellent job on assessment by the chemistry faculty!