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In a process implemented in 2006, CMU undergraduate and graduate programs regularly undergo review on a six-year schedule unless the program is on a different cycle specified by an external program accrediting/approval organization. Programs that are not accredited by external professional or discipline-specific bodies are required to complete a self-study and to bring in external program reviewers to help evaluate their programs.

In academic year 2011-12, the program review process was evaluated, leading to an expansion of the factors to be considered as part of the self-study. Additionally, the process evaluation led to the conclusion that the assessment of student learning outcomes, its accompanying reporting, and analysis of findings for program improvement should be integrated into program review.

Program Review Cycle

Review Manual

Assessment Integration

Program Review Self-study Reports (Student Outcomes in Section 5) & External Reviewers' Reports/Accreditation Results

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

All Programs with Specialized Accreditation

Academic Program Quality, Priorities, and Productivity (APQPP)

The Academic Program Quality, Priorities, and Productivity (APQPP) Report was completed in 2009 by a working group of faculty and academic administrators. An objective of the year-long study was to examine how each program fit within the University's role and mission, and the working group's findings were based on each program's centrality to the role and mission of the institution, student demand, program characteristics, financial information, and faculty.

APQPP Report