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We know that many students have been impacted financially by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. To ease some of the financial burden and stress of our students, CMU has put several policies in place to support our students through these tough times and encourage our Mavericks to continue their education. If you have been impacted financially during this time, please review the options below.



Eligibility: students registered in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 and experiencing financial hardship outside their balance

Funds cover: out-of-pocket expenses due to financial hardship

Amount: Up to $1,000

How to apply:

Res Life Credit

Students who checked out of the dorms on or after March 30 will be credited for portions of their room and board.

Credit will be automatically applied to account. If credit is more than remaining balance, it will go as a pre-payment for the fall semester. Alternatively, students can request excess credit as cash refund instead of prepayment.

Waived Late Fees and Service Charges

Students registered for spring 2020 with an outstanding spring balance will have late fees and service charges waived.

This happens automatically, no steps need to be taken by student.

Deferment of Payment Plan Installments

Students registered for spring 2020 with an outstanding spring balance and in a payment plan OR students in extended payment plans can request to have payment plan installments deferred.

Student must email request to


If you have questions about any of these financial support options, please contact IRIS.