Art & Design Faculty and Staff

At any given moment it is the people who define and make up the CMU Art and Design Department. We are a community of artists comprised of students, faculty and alumni.

Faculty members are professionally active in their fields and routinely create art, present, exhibit, research, publish and lecture within their areas. We have diverse educational backgrounds each with unique skills, scholarly artistic approaches and new ideas that we readily share with our students.

As artists we are not only committed to creating art as a scholarly practice, but in sharing that scholarly experience in our classroom. You can explore and learn about some of our unique talents in the links below.

If you need to declare a major or be assigned a faculty advisor in the Art and Design Department, please contact Ashtonn Means in Fine Arts 200, call 970.248.1833, or email

Faculty & Staff Directory Table
Bissonnette, Meghan
Assistant Professor of Art History and Art Gallery Director
Fine Arts 313C Send email
Butler, Joshua
Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 204 Send email
Curtis, Evan
Professor of Animation and Digital Filmmaking
Fine Arts Building 313D Send email
Elliott, Eric
Assistant Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 206 Send email
Garner, Suzie
Department Head, Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 313A Send email
Hall, Eli
Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Fine Arts Building 313B Send email
Oh, KyoungHwa
Associate Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 104 Send email
Schmidt, Araan
Associate Professor of Art
Fine Arts Building 113 Send email

Art & Design Instructors & Lecturers 

Carson, Rachel
2D Design
FA 313G

Cain, Lily
2D Design
FA 313F

Clark, Jimmy Ron
Art Appreciation

Cochran, Adam
Animation, Film, Photography & Motion Design
EH 113

Crocetto, Julia
3D Design
FA 112

Dearing, Robin
Art History

Gustafson, Jeffrey
Animation, Film, Photography, and Motion Design 

Humphrey, Sam
K-12 Art Education

Jones, Matthew
Graphic Design
FA 313G

Kyle, Ryan
3D Design and Foundation Drawing
FA 313G

Osborne, Aaron 
Graphic Design 
FA 313G

O'Quinn, Leisha
Art History

Safken, Brooke
Graphic Design; AFP&MD
FA 313F

Woods, Rebecca
2D & 3D Design, Foundation Drawing
FA 313G

Wyman, Kari
Art History
FA 313G

Zerbe, Forrest
Animation, Film, Photography & Motion Design
FA 313E