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All seniors pursuing a BFA degree with a Studio Art concentration are required to participate in a senior exhibition. They must enroll in and pass the ARTE 494 Senior Seminar course during the semester in which their exhibition is presented. The venue for the exhibition is provided for the students by the Art and Design Department at the CMU 437CO art gallery in downtown Grand Junction.

Studio Art majors are expected to present a consummate exhibition of their artwork that brings together all the knowledge and skill developed during their pursuit of a BFA degree in Studio Art at Colorado Mesa University. This exhibition and body of artwork should have a specific, well-conceived theme, direction and intent. A formal thesis paper, portfolio and oral defense is required and will exemplify the student's ability to articulate their scholarly artistic focus.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for working with a Studio Art faculty member as their mentor as they create exhibition-quality artwork. It is expected that the student should be involved in a dialogue with their mentor professor by the beginning of their junior year. The Art and Design Department recommends that students be enrolled in upper-division studio courses taught by their mentor during each semester prior to their exhibit. Students are responsible for choosing artwork in cooperation with their faculty mentors in order to receive a passing grade.

Students are responsible for following and keeping up with the scheduled timeline as they prepare for this exhibition with their faculty mentor.*

*Faculty mentor must be selected from full-time Art and Design Department faculty only.