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Eli Hall with students

If you are a new, returning or transfer student, the Art and Design Department faculty can help you with your academic goals. We are determined to empower students with the academic information they need to graduate with a degree in art. We can help you understand the requirements for your major, discuss career options and help you complete your graduation petition.

Art and Design Department students are encouraged to visit regularly (a minimum of once a semester) with their advisors. Come see us. E-mail for an appointment. Call or just stop by and see your faculty advisor. Your advisor can run a detailed report on your completed credits and you can see how close you are to completing a degree.

To declare a major, a second major, or a minor in the Art and Design Department, contact Ashtonn Means on the second floor of the Fine Arts building (970-248-1833 or [email protected]).

To set up an appointment with an Art and Design Department faculty advisor in your concentration area, see the contact information below.

Joshua Butler, Professor of Art
Advisor: Studio Art-Printmaking & Drawing
Fine Arts Building 204
Josh Butler's Email , 970-248-1798

Eric Elliott, Associate Professor of Art
Advisor: Studio Art-Painting and Drawing
Fine Arts Building 206
Eric Elliott's Email , 970-248-1665

Suzie Garner, Professor of Art
Advisor: Graphic Design
Fine Arts Building 313 A
Suzie Garner's Email , 970-248-1444

Eli Marco Hall, Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Advisor: Graphic Design
Fine Arts Building 313 B
Eli Hall's Email , 970-248-1456

KyoungHwa Oh, Associate Professor of Art and 437Co Art Gallery Director
Advisor: Studio Art-Ceramics
Fine Arts Building 104
KyoungHwa Oh's Email , 970-248-1300

Evan Curtis, Assistant Professor of Animation and Filmmaking
Advisor: Animation, Film, Photography & Motion Design
Fine Arts Building 313 D
Evan Curtis' Email , 970-248-1145

Araan Schmidt, Associate Professor of Art
Advisor: Studio Art-Sculpture
Fine Arts Building 113
Araan Schmidt's Email , 970-248-1408

Forrest Zerbe, Instructor of Art
Advisor: Photography
Fine Arts Building 313E
Forrest Zerbe's Email 970.248.1481

Jill Holaday, Instructor of Art History
Advisor: Art History
Fine Arts Building 313C
Jill Holaday's Email, 970-248-1211