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The CMU Art and Design Department prides itself on maintaining high standards and encourages our students to meet those standards in their artwork. Graphic Designers are expected to complete the Sophomore Review via a Portfolio Website and pass the Entrance Exam before being formally admitted into the program.

Details of the Sophomore Review

Admission in the program after the sophomore year will be contingent upon the student's satisfying the following requirements:

(a) Completion of the Graphic Design Admission Application Form.

(b) Completion of ARTE 101 Two-Dimensional Design, ARTE 102 Three-Dimensional Design, ARTS 151 Foundation Drawing I, ARTG 122 Design it!, ARTG 215 Graphic Design I, ARTG 221 Graphic Design II, and ARTG 222 Illustration I.

(c) A grade of B or A in all coursework in the major.

(d) Successful completion of the Graphic Design Entrance Exam with a minimum score of 80%.

(e) Portfolio Website Review comprised of Graphic Design work satisfying the required criteria. Portfolio Website Criteria

The Sophomore Review for Graphic Design majors takes place at the end of the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students enrolled in ARTG 221 will have a review for the Entrance Exam as part of that course. Portfolio submissions must follow set guidelines and the criteria for design work and format for submissions can be downloaded below.

Admission Application Form

You may download the Graphic Design Sophomore Review Admission Application here:

 Graphic Design Application Form

Exam Study Guide

A study guide for the Entrance Exam is available here: Entrance Exam Study Guide

Portfolio Criteria

Before preparing your portfolio submission, please download and review the Graphic Design Portfolio Criteria. Transfer students must participate in a Portfolio Website Review and pass the Entrance Exam in order to be officially accepted into the Graphic Design program. Portfolio Website Criteria

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, contact your faculty advisor within the Graphic Design program. If you are a transfer student, please call 970-248-1833 to find out who your academic advisor is within the Graphic Design program. We are here to help students succeed.