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Qualifications and Requirements

Guidelines for the Art and Design Department's Academic Honors Program (New guidelines will begin Spring 2021)

The honors program recognizes highly outstanding students in studio practice, research, and artwork who have above-average “A” quality dedication and an exemplary commitment to enhance their ideas and accomplish their goals as artists.

Requirements Specific to Art and Design Majors:

  • Must be a declared Art and Design Major.
  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.75 in major-specific courses.
  • Must maintain a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • Must complete 9 credit hours of honors work in advisor approved electives and a special Capstone Project, which may be either an exhibition, a thesis, or a published work that is presented at Student Showcase.

Nomination Procedures:

Students are nominated by full-time faculty. Students (Junior) should participate in an Art & Design Academic Program and have earned at least 45 semester credit hours with a minimum 3.75-grade point average (GPA) at the nomination time. The honors program nomination process takes place during the Spring semester. 

  • Full-Time Faculty Nominate junior students by Feb. in Spring Semester.
  1. All students completing an Academic Honors program of study are expected to complete a senior capstone activity. The activity can range from an honor’s thesis to a creative work to an undergraduate research project.

  2. Students must present the result of their activity in a scholarly venue approved by their Academic Honors Program Advisor/Mentor (e.g., CMU’s Student Showcase, a regional meeting for the relevant discipline).

  3. All nominees will be reviewed again in their senior year by the Art and Design Department full-time faculty. Nominees will be ranked (method to be determined by the Art and Design full-time faculty), and the honors award will identify top candidates.
  • Studio Art: Honors program candidate students will submit a portfolio that will be reviewed. Full-time Studio Faculty will review portfolio and discuss to select the Studio Art Honors every March.
    The portfolio must contain one paragraph of Intent letter, CV, one page of research proposal for nine credit hours of honor work, and five best images of work by March 1 of a students Junior year. All Studio Art honors applications should be submitted in powerpoint format to KyoungHwa Oh at [email protected]

  • Graphic Design and Animation, Filming, Photography, and Motion Design: Honors program candidate students will submit their portfolio and full-time faculty will review, and discuss in February.

    Program Contact
    Professor Suzie Garner
    [email protected]