Students may choose a minor within two areas of the Art and Design Department: Studio Art and Graphic Design. These options exist for the student who loves art or graphic design and wants to supplement their degree with knowledge in the arts.

Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor acquaints students with some of the core elements in either two- or three-dimensional studio art. Students will develop skills, sensitivity, and aesthetic judgment while pursuing individual interests within studio areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics or sculpture. A background in the visual arts can provide a variety of opportunities in the areas of studio artist, art organizations, and applied design.

Graphic Design Minor

The Graphic Design Minor acquaints students with some of the core elements related to the study and profession of Graphic Design. Courses consist of both academic lecture and practical studio. The minor provides students an opportunity to integrate personal creativity with other major degrees. A background in Graphic Design can promote a variety of professional opportunities including areas of applied design, public relations, business graphics, product design, marketing and advertising.