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The Bachelor of Art (BA) degree in Art History provides students with an understanding of the importance of the visual arts to society and culture through the study of historic and contemporary artists, art movements and styles. Art History teaches students to critically analyze visual images in their original social and political context; the emphasis on visual literacy and critical thinking are especially valuable today. This degree can lead to professional employment in art museums and galleries, art publishing houses, and other areas of art services. The degree will also prepare students for advanced, graduate level art history studies. 

Students complete an Art History core of 300-level coursework that provides a broad background in historic and contemporary art, with additional upper-level courses in the student's areas of interest. A Studio Art and Design introduction provides experience with art and design materials and processes. In this degree program, students acquire practical, professional, and academic skills needed to work in the art world.

Students can supplement their coursework with internships and work-study at CMU's downtown art gallery or  other galleries and museums.


CMU 437CO Art Gallery

CMU 437CO Art Gallery

Denver Art Museum, Truth of Nature: Claude Monet