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Jill Holaday, PhD, teaches a broad range of art history courses, from prehistoric through contemporary. She loves to engage students with lively discussions and in-class activities. Her scholarship centers on a group of postwar German artists that make up Group Zero, and the network of artists with whom they worked. Her other scholarly interests include German visual culture throughout modern and contemporary times, German History and Japanese, Chinese, Indian and 19th Century art. 

She has taught art history full time for three years at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She also likes to travel to New York to see what is currently happening in the art world.

Her classroom is a place where she encourages students to be curious. Once a student becomes curious about the world around them, learning follows. She likes to encourage her students to engage learning materials in ways that they will remember in the long-term, not just short-term memorization of dates and titles of artworks and architecture. She makes herself available outside the classroom to aid students in their journey.

In her free time, she loves to hike around the area and take in the beauty of the Western Slope.

Jill Holaday's Curriculum Vitae