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We offer the Bachelor of Arts degree in applied anthropology and geography, criminal justice, political science, history, sociology, and psychology. Students can also obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Additionally, students can minor in archaeology, forensic science and forensic investigation, international studies, and women's and gender studies. These options form the core of CMU's liberal arts educational programs. Finally, we also offer professional certificates in both cultural resource management as well as emergency management and disaster planning.    

Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty trained at world-class universities like Oxford, Emory, and Toronto. We came to CMU because we're passionate about undergraduate teaching. We're experienced, award-winning educators—enthusiastic, approachable, and willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. Your learning is our top priority. You won't find massive classes with hundreds of students in our department. You will find the chance to collaborate with faculty in a variety of research projects. These opportunities are seldom available to undergraduate students.

Dr. Erika Jackson with CMU student

Each discipline offers internships, practicums, and many other opportunities for real-world, practical learning. For example, our students get first-hand experience at CMU's Forensic Investigation Research Station (FIRS), one of only six such research institutions in the country. You can work with law enforcement at CMU's Crime Scene House, an actual house where simulated crimes are staged and investigated. Students also collaborate with faculty in research for the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service the Museum of Western Colorado and the Redifer Institute. Taking advantage of these opportunities positions you well for graduate school and/or employment in your field.

While you're working toward your degree, we've got your social life covered, too! Our disciplines sponsor active, student-led clubs. Clubs engage in social activities, community outreach, and volunteering. They also organize trips to field research sites, academic conferences, and professional meetings. And, yes, they've been known to do pie-throwing contests as well... 

Political Science club pie-throwing contest.      

The Aspinall Foundation provides funding to the department annually for scholarships varying from $7,000 to $10,000. In partnership with CMU, the foundation also funds a visiting lectureship.

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is committed to rigorous, objective assessment of our students' learning. Click here to learn more.