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All applicants must complete the BSW Application, available below.

BSW Application Form

The form will close on the second Friday in February of each academic year. For questions, contact:

            Aisha Chapra, MSW, LSW
            Houston Hall 221D
            Colorado Mesa University

The forms below demonstrate the scoring process used to determine which students are accepted into the BSW program each year. Please note, these forms do NOT need to be completed or submitted by the student; they are provided only for your review and to understand the scoring process:

            BSW Application Scoring Form 

            BSW Personal Statement Scoring Form

The 40 students that receive the highest score on the BSW Application Scoring Form (overall cumulative GPA, overall cumulative social work GPA, and Personal Statement) will be invited to sit for a Faculty Interview in March. Students will be notified by email if they have or have not been selected for a faculty interview. 

The students that are selected for a faculty interview will be provided with an electronic link to schedule their interviews. Faculty interviews are conducted by social work faculty and are similar in format to a job interview. Students can earn up to 30 points on selected questions during the interview process; these points will then be combined with the prior BSW Application Scoring Form scores to come up with a TOTAL POINTS score ranging from 0-85. The 25 students with the highest combined scores will be accepted into the BSW program. Students that complete faculty interviews will be notified by mail whether they have been accepted into the social work program. 

Students that are not selected for faculty interviews, as well as students that do not get accepted into the program after completing faculty interviews, will be encouraged to set up a meeting with social work faculty to go over their individual BSW Application Scoring Form and to determine what their next steps or options might be. 

If accepted into the BSW program, students will be a part of a cohort program that will complete course work together in a structured, sequential format for the next four semesters.