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How do I declare a major/minor – or change my existing major/minor?

Email Cathy Rickley at [email protected], from your MAVzone email account. 


  • Your full name 
  • 700 number 
  • Desired major or minor 

She will declare or change your major/minor and assign a faculty advisor.  If you have a preference of advisors, please include that in your email.

Who is my advisor?

To find your advisor, log onto your DegreeWorks page via the “Applications” tab of MAVzone. Your advisor’s name will be on the left-hand side of the DegreeWorks home page. To contact your advisor, you can email them via your CMU email. 

To change your advisor, email Cathy Rickley at [email protected] with your full name, 700 number, and the name of your preferred advisor.