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Sociology courses at CMU are taught by passionate and approachable faculty with doctorates from highly-ranked universities who have chosen to make undergraduate teaching their top priority. The relatively small size of the program facilitates meaningful interactions and relationships between students and their professors. Furthermore, upper-division students enjoy small classes that offer ample opportunities for discussion and participation. Faculty also supervise students seeking research experience, undertaking independent study, and writing honor theses. In the past, students and faculty have even collaborated on research projects.

Megan Henley, Associate Professor of Sociology

PhD, MA (Sociology): University of Arizona; BA (Sociology): University of California Irvine

Scholarly interests: medical sociology, gender, knowledge, reproduction, families

Courses taught: Sociology of Marriage and Families, Introduction to Sociological Inquiry, Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology of Sexuality, Contemporary Sociological Perspectives, Qualitative Methods, General Sociology

Stephen Merino, Associate Professor of Sociology

PhD, MA (Sociology): The Pennsylvania State University; MS (Neuroscience): University of Michigan; BS, (Neuroscience): Brigham Young University

Scholarly interests: religion, race and ethnicity, social and political attitudes, social psychology, social networks

Courses taught: Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Religion, Self and Society, Social Inequality, Environmental Sociology, Sociological Research Methods, General Sociology, Social Problems

Brenda Wilhelm, Professor of Sociology

PhD, MA (Sociology): University of Arizona; BA (Sociology and Mass Communication): University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Scholarly interests: families and households, life course, gender, demography, inequality

Courses taught: Life Course Sociology, Sex and Gender, 21st Century Families, Population, Social Movements, Roots of Sociological Thought, Social Problems, Marriage and Families