Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation

The Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1968. Its purpose is to honor the late Congressman by encouraging the fine traditions of public service and education to which he was dedicated. That goal is being accomplished by providing meaningful educational opportunities to students and to the general public at Colorado Mesa University.

The Foundation's programs rely upon the funding and are expanded or decreased based on funding available.

Upcoming Event

Dr. Michael Brescia presents, "Natural Resources and the Rub of Social Justice in the North American West, 1848-2018."

When asked in an interview what made the North American West so distinct from other regions, renowned author Wallace Stegner replied that aridity had imposed different conditions and different terms upon human settlement. Drawing from my research as a legal historian and expert witness, I tell the story of how law and natural resources have come together to define a wide range of property rights across the North American West, including water rights, grazing, and public and private ownership of resources under the Spanish colonial and early Mexican regimen of laws, customs, and usages. These issues remain relevant today in the American West, and are vital to the many resource users—tribal nations, Hispanic communities, and ranching families—whose livelihoods depend, in part, on rights to natural resources established under the prior sovereign, that is, Spain and later Mexico, and protected by international treaty obligations that the United States assumed in the mid-nineteenth century.  I also will discuss the role of the historian as an expert witness whose academic credentials and professional experiences are brought to bear on natural resource litigation, including the difficulties that historians face when they are called upon to address questions raised by outside parties—judges, attorneys, and special masters—seeking resolution of thorny legal issues.

Wednesday, 4 April, 7:00 pm

Dr. Brescia's lecture will take place in the Meyer Ballroom, in Colorado Mesa's University Center. This event is free and open to all.

Supporting the Foundation

Aspinall Foundation is a non-profit corporation to honor Wayne N. Aspinall by the presentation of educational programs and charitable services.

The Aspinall Foundation has been funded entirely by voluntary contributions, primarily from Grand Junction area citizens. The members of the Board of Directors and Officers serve without compensation. As contributions are received, the educational programs can be increased to benefit the students Colorado Mesa University and the public.

All donations are tax deductible. They should be sent to:

William Graham, Treasurer
Aspinall Foundation
P O Box 4737
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Directors and Officers

  • Tilman Bishop
  • Miffie Blozvich
  • Brian Burns
  • Beth Buys
  • William Cleary
  • Sheryl Fitzgerald
  • Rebecca Frank
  • William Graham
  • Don MacKendrick
  • Kathleen McGinley
  • Keith Mottram
  • Kathleen Selover
  • Steven Schulte
  • Robert Traylor