Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation

The Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1968. Its purpose is to honor the late Congressman by encouraging the fine traditions of public service and education to which he was dedicated. That goal is being accomplished by providing meaningful educational opportunities to students and to the general public at Colorado Mesa University.

The Foundation's programs rely upon the funding and are expanded or decreased based on funding available.

Upcoming Event

Dr. Martin L. Cook presents, "The Changing Shape of the International System"

How the world is divided and organized is the result of human decisions and creation.  After the wars of religion following the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century, Europe created the Westphalian sovereign states, hoping that that form of organization would put an end to war.  Obviously, it did not, but as a result of colonialism, that Westphalian state system was imprinted across the globe.  After both World War I and World War II, new efforts were made to build a superstructure of institutions and international law above the sovereign state with the creation of the League of Nations and then the United Nations.  But in addition to the UN, Europe led by the United States created the Breton Woods financial institutions, the International Court of Justice and various other trans-national structures intended to bring rule of law to the international system.

In recent years, however, there have been indications that that international system may be crumbling.  Political leaders in the US and Europe have expressed increasing doubt about the place of the UN, NATO, and much of that international system.  Rising powers – especially Russia and China – increasingly work to undermine international institutions and agreements.  It is by no means obvious that institutions that have defined the international system for the past nearly seventy years will continue to do so in the future.

This lecture will explore these questions.  Why was the international system created as it was in the first place?  What are the various pressures working against it now?  If it were to be decisively undermined, what would take its place?

Wednesday, April 10, 7:00 pm

Dr. Cook's lecture will take place in the Meyer Ballroom, in Colorado Mesa's University Center. This event is free and open to all.

Supporting the Foundation

Aspinall Foundation is a non-profit corporation to honor Wayne N. Aspinall by the presentation of educational programs and charitable services.

The Aspinall Foundation has been funded entirely by voluntary contributions, primarily from Grand Junction area citizens. The members of the Board of Directors and Officers serve without compensation. As contributions are received, the educational programs can be increased to benefit the students Colorado Mesa University and the public.

All donations are tax deductible. They should be sent to:

William Graham, Treasurer
Aspinall Foundation
P O Box 4737
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Directors and Officers

  • Tilman Bishop
  • Miffie Blozvich
  • Brian Burns
  • Beth Buys
  • Sheryl Fitzgerald
  • William Graham
  • Don MacKendrick
  • Keith Mottram
  • Kathleen Selover
  • Steven Schulte
  • Robert Traylor