Criterion Committees


Criterion 1 Committee

Randy Phillis, Chair; Professor, English

Emma Fleck; Assistant Professor, Business

Justin Gollob; Associate Professor, Political Science

Bill McCracken; Technical Instructor, Machining Technology - WCCC

Joey Montoya Boese; Director, Montrose Campus

Sylvia Rael; Director, Tomlinson Library

Gigi Richard; Professor, Geology

Steven Stern; Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences


Criterion 2 Committee

Jeremy Hawkins, Chair; Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Scott Bevill; Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Brian Fraser; Assistant Professor, Finance

Ann Gilles; Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Kurt Haas; Professor, English

Cindy Lueb; Director, Sponsored Programs

Kyle McQuade; Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Araan Schmidt; Assistant Professor, Art


Criterion 3 Committee

Steve Werman, Chair; Professor, Biological Sciences

Monte Atkinson; Professor, Music

Margot Becktell; Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Laureen Cantwell; Reference and Distance Services Librarian

Don Carpenter; Professor, Computer Information Systems

Lisa Friel; Professor, Teacher Education

Phil Gustafson; Professor, Mathematics

Kristen Hague; Professor, English

Eli Hall; Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

Kristin Heumann; Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Alaa Kassir; Associate Technical Professor, Developmental Education - Mathematics

Gillian McKnight-Tutein; Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs; Director, Distance Education

Kristine Reuss; Professor, Nursing

Adam Rosenbaum; Assistant Professor, History

Bill Tiernan; Professor, Physics

Jill Van Brussel; Assistant Professor, Theatre


Criterion 4 Committee

Bette Schans, Chair; Professor, Radiologic Technology; Director, Assessment and Student Learning

Anne Bledsoe; Reference and Distance Services Librarian

Cynthia Chovich; Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Timothy D'Andrea; Associate Professor, Chemistry

Jeanine Howe; Associate Professor, Theatre

Darin Kamstra; Associate Professor, Music

Gary Looft; Instructor, Transportation Services (WCCC)

Les Miller; Associate Professor, Philosophy

Kelly O'Connell; Analyst, Institutional Research and Assessment

Zeynep Ozsoy; Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Vincent Patarino; Assistant Professor, History

Carolyn Quinn-Hensley; Professor, Art

Shawn Robinson; Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Elizabeth Sharp; Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Gayla Slauson; Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems

Judy Williams; Assistant Professor, Nursing


Criterion 5 Committee

Joe Richards, Chair; Professor, Chemistry

Diana Bailey; Assistant Professor, Nursing

Kate Dreiling; Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Megan Glynn; Assistant Professor, Dance

David Pumphrey; Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems

Eric Sandstrom; Assistant Professor, Mass Communication

Kyle Stone; Assistant Professor, Business

Joe Taylor; Controller