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At the third annual Student Showcase on April 25, 2012, approximately 340 undergraduates from Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College presented nearly 140 projects to faculty, staff, and student peers, in an event highlighting student creativity, research, and innovation. Click for more information about the Student Showcase.


Colorado Mesa University offers a broad array of baccalaureate majors, with numerous areas of concentration, and selected graduate degrees.

Nearly all programs include practical application of knowledge and skills as a key component of students' learning. These hands-on experiences may come through internships, fieldwork, student teaching, or clinical practice.

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, interaction with students is commonplace and affords faculty the ability to involve undergraduates in challenging research opportunities usually found only in graduate programs.

The CMU campus features high tech classrooms, modern facilities and vast resources, all of which creates an atmosphere conducive to student learning and growth.