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The Center for Teacher Education at Colorado Mesa University offers 13 approved licensure and endorsement programs. Our programs are authorized by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Center for Teacher Education alumni work as teachers and administrators throughout Colorado and the U.S.

Options for licensure and endorsement include:

Throughout our programs, the Center for Teacher Education (CTE) is dedicated to our mission of providing teachers who are competent in subject matter, are experts in professional teaching, and have a passion for innovation within their classrooms. In our graduate programs, we strive to enhance the professional careers of educators to facilitate student achievement in their classrooms and schools.

Learn more about our vision for educator preparation from interviews with CTE faculty below or by surveying our Student Learning Outcomes page.


Educational Leadership Program: 
Mark Schmalz


Early Childhood SPED, Exceptional Learner Coordinator:
Dr. Ann Gillies


Center for Teacher Education Department Head: 
Dr. Nick Bardo


Secondary Coordinator & Assistant Department Head: 
Dr. Blake Bickham


Contact us

  • Phone: 970.248.1786
  • Located in DH 109L
  • Individual faculty information can be found on our Faculty Page