Graduate Degrees

The Master of Arts in Education is designed as a dynamic, current program to meet the needs of education professionals as they gain additional expertise in one or more endorsement areas. The degree is awarded after successful completion of 31-38 semester hours of rigorous study. The program is designed to provide the student with 12 hours of core knowledge in educational design, theory, assessment, pedagogy and culture, technology and research, culminating in a capstone project. The additional semester hours allow the student to focus on a particular subject or endorsement area.

Colorado Mesa University began offering the Master of Arts in Education in summer 2006. The program is administered by the Center for Teacher Education (CTE). CTE Graduate Programs are guided on academic policy by the CMU Graduate Studies Academic Council.

Want to become a teacher?

If you hold a bachelor's degree and are looking into becoming a licensed teacher, check out our graduate level, initial teacher licensure program.