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The CTE currently sponsors two student clubs dedicated to the innovative education of all children with and without disabilities from diverse backgrounds.

Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter (CEC Club)

The mission of the CEC Club is to support all children as they learn, play, and grow together in inclusive environments. We also aim to prepare professionals across disciplines to work collaboratively and effectively to support all children together. The CEC Club partners with District 51 schools and community agencies like STRIVE, MOSAIC, Riverside Educational Center, CDA, and Math and Science Center, to assist children with and without disabilities in tutoring programs, recreational programs, and community events. Our club is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and to people from all disciplines who love working with children. We understand, accept, and value diversity and believe all children belong together.

The CEC Club meets twice per month on Wednesdays at 3pm in Dominguez Hall to plan events, share instructional/behavioral/communication strategies, and to assist one another in our work. We are out in the community several times per month supporting children and families. To be added to the CEC Club email list so you are notified of upcoming events, please email Ann Gillies, CEC Club Faculty Advisor, at [email protected] and join our CEC Club.

CEC Club Visits South Africa

Teacher education student Julie Boano reads to a class at The Aiden Rose Centre in South Africa while visiting the school this past summer. Lindsay Carpenter and Ashley Blankenbeckler also volunteered at the school working with students.

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National Science Teacher Association Student Chapter (NSTA)

"NSTA and the student chapters are separate but interdependent organizations that have elected to ally themselves to encourage professional learning and networking of pre-service teachers of science from across the United States and Canada. Student chapter participation offers opportunities for increased leadership skills, career growth, and networking for students and faculty."