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What is the process for becoming a teacher as an undergraduate?

Learn more about the undergraduate applications process at our Program Application page.

What teacher licensure programs do you offer?

Visit our undergraduate programs page to learn more about the programs we offer for licensure in elementary; early childhood special education; secondary English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish; and in K-12 Art, Music and PE.

Can I teach outside of Colorado after I graduate?

While CMU Teacher Ed graduates have successfully obtained licensure and employment in many states and our programs are guided by national standards, our programs are designed to meet the requirements for licensure in the state of Colorado. Educator and principal licensure requirements vary by state. Graduates of Colorado Mesa University’s teacher education programs who seek a license in the United States outside of Colorado will have to apply to that state for review. See out State Licensing Resources for Teachers page for links to licensure requirements in other states.

If I already have a bachelor's, what are my options for becoming a teacher?

Our intensive Initial Teacher Licensure Graduate Program is available in elementary or secondary licensure to students holding a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. The intensive cohort begins each year in May and runs for 12 months. Some students may have leveling courses to complete prior to their admission into the Intensive ITL program. Learn more at our ITL Program page.

Do you have to take tests to become a teacher?

If you are an undergraduate student, you will need to complete basic skills testing to get into the program. Before you graduate, you will need to take the licensure exams, required for the state of Colorado. Use the links below to learn more.

I am a teacher. What programs do you have that would benefit me?

We offer master's and graduate certificate programs to enrich and endorse teachers in different specialties, including Special Education, Educational Leadership & Principal Licensure, and more. 

What undergraduate GPA is required for admission to a graduate program?

The Center for Teacher Education requires an undergraduate overall GPA of a 3.0 or higher for admission to our graduate programs. If a student has a overall undergraduate GPA below 3.0, the graduate committee can decide to calculate the applicants last 60 credit hours and use that GPA for admission.

Can I transfer graduate classes into a graduate program? 

Yes, but a student can only transfer 9 credits and the classes cannot be from a finished degree or be a core class. 

What is the cost of a graduate degree at Colorado Mesa University?

View all tuition and fee rates.

Where can I find teacher salary information for Colorado?

The CDE provides a variety of statistical information on school district, including average teacher salary information. See

Do Teacher Ed graduate programs accommodate international student admission?

The Teacher Education graduate programs are built for Colorado classroom teachers, and accommodate a working teacher's schedule. Therefore, Teacher Ed graduate programs often require students to hold a professional Colorado Teaching license and/or may not meet F1 visa requirements as courses are offered online or in blended formats. International students seeking a teaching license, in a secondary area, may meet F1 requirements while in the ITL Graduate Program, but will need to submit a ECE or WES transcript to Teacher Ed for evaluation of eligibility for the ITL program at [email protected]. Please see the International Graduate Students Admission site for more information.

Do you offer any online programs? 

The coursework for the ITL Elementary program is now offered primarily online, and may accommodate placement for student teaching throughout Colorado. Field hours are completed in-person at an area school. Students must hold a bachelor's degree to be eligible for the ITL program. To learn more see our Initial Teacher Licensure (ITL) Graduate Program page.

Our Leadership and Exceptional Learner graduate programs are delivered in a mix of online and blended course offerings, which are geared to strike a balance between accommodating professional working schedules, providing in-person instruction, and facilitating cohort and network building. 


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