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The Campus Design Studio is a student-run organization that provides high quality graphic design work for student clubs and organizations, on campus departments, and off-campus clients. The Campus Design Studio is responsible for most on-campus student publicity. The CDS provides some services for clubs FREE of charge.

Some services provided by the Campus Design Studio:

The Stall Street Journal
The Bulletin
Logo Creation
Poster Creation
Campus Event Publicity
Website Creation

The prices for services are below:

  1. One poster, flyer, digital bulletin, social media ad, or single stall street journal ad space: $15
  2. One logo: $50
  3. Media Packages:
             Package 1: one poster or flyer, one digital bulletin: $20
             Package 2: one stall street ad, one poster or flyer: $20
             Package 3: one stall street ad, one poster, one digital bulletin: $25
             Package 4: one stall street ad, one poster, one digital bulletin, and one flier: $30

To view the Stall Street Journal schedule for the Fall 2020 semester, please click here.

If you or your club are interested in any of these services, please contact the Campus Design Studio by email, for a consultation.


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Contact Us:

Colorado Mesa University

University Center


 Tristan McMorran

Agatha Moreira

Davis Moore

Judy Morrow