Semester Calendar for Spring 2018

January 2 - January 12

January Term

January 16 - May 10

Full Semester

January 16 - March 9

First Module

February 5 - May 10

Late Start

March 19 - May 10

Second Module

Semester Calendar

October 30 , 2017

Course registration begins for currently enrolled degree-seeking students

All outstanding balances must be paid prior to registering

November 13
Course registration begins non-degree seeking and transfer students. New students register at Orientation.
December 10
Deadline to pay outstanding balance to avoid deletion of schedule

January 2, 2018

January Term Begins
January 3

Last day to add or drop a January term class

Residency Petitions due to Tuition Classification Officer in Admissions

January 8

Last day to withdraw from a January term class

January 12
Financial aid initial disbursement
January 15

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day -- No Classes

January 16
Full Semester and First Module begins - Tuition and Fees Due
January 23
Last day to add or drop a First Module class
January 31

Last day to add or drop a Full Semester class

CENSUS DATE - date after which credit hours are counted in COF attempted hours

Late fees assessed on unpaid balances

February 5

Late Start session begins

February 12

Last day to withdraw from a First Module class

February 15

Last day to add or drop a Late Start class

Financial Aid - Delayed Disbursement

March 12-16

Spring Break -- No Classes

March 19

Second Module begins

March 21

Last day to withdraw from a Full Semester class

March 23
Last day to withdraw from a Late Start class
March 26

Last day to add or drop a Second Module class

Course registration for Summer and Fall 2018 begins for currently enrolled students

All outstanding balances must be paid prior to registering

April 11

Last day to withdraw from a Second Module class

May 7-10
Final examinations

May 10

Spring Semester ends

Residence Halls close at 5 pm

May 12

Commencement Ceremony