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Students can add/drop classes online via MAVzone before the deadlines listed below. 

  • Use the links in the chart below depending on the date you are trying to change your schedule. 
  • Check to see if you have any holds and resolve them prior to making registration changes. 
  • If you need help follow the registration instructions or contact IRIS.   

It is the students responsibility to officially add, drop, or withdraw from courses using the appropriate method by the posted deadlines. All deadlines are prior to 5:00 PM mountain time.







Registration Method

Students should try to add and drop prior to the first day of class


May Require Instructor Approval

Adding a course via MAVzone and use of the course waitlists end on the date below


Requires Instructor Approval



Students with holds or other registration blocks may use an Course Drop/Withdraw E form.

Results in a grade of "W" which is not used in GPA calculations.

 Course Drop/Withdraw E form(No Refund).

Results in a grade of "F" and is used in the GPA calculations

Course Withdraw form with "F" (No Refund) 


Jan 2 - Jan 20

 By Jan 2*

 Jan 3

 By Jan 3

Jan 4 - Jan 12 

After January 12 

1st Mod
Jan 22 - Mar 15

By Jan 24*

Jan 25 - 29

By Jan 29

Jan 30 - Feb 27

 After February 27

Full Semester
Jan 22 - May 16

By Jan 28*

Jan 29 - Feb 6

  By Feb 6

Feb 7 - April 8

After April 8

Late Start 
Feb 12 - May 16

By Feb 15*

Feb 16 - Feb 22

By Feb 22

Feb 23 - April 15

After April 15

2nd Mod
Mar 25 - May 16

By Mar 27*

Mar 28- April 1

By April 1

April 2 - 25

After April 25

Other Variable Length

Sunday prior to the first day of class*

Up to 15% of class

The last day to drop online is the Sunday prior to the first day of class. Drop with instructor signature may be to up to 15% of the class.

Up to 67% of the class

After 67% of the class 

Billing Information

Tuition and Fees are due the first day of the term

Tuition/Fees are adjusted to the classes that remain in the schedule. Dropping all classes by their respective drop date will leave a $225 Partial Tuition Assessment. 

No refund of Tuition/Fees. Withdrawing from all classes will require full payment of Tuition/Fees.


 *An instructors permission IS REQUIRED to add a closed class, a class with instructor permission, or if you don't meet the course requirements.