Entrepreneurship Academics

Students who have a passion for entrepreneurship and are seeking to launch the next great company can gain skills and training through a degree, a minor or a certificate.   

The concentration in entrepreneurship provides the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, develop and evaluate business opportunities. Students learn the steps to successfully implement their ideas in any dynamic organizational setting. Integrated into coursework is the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and business leaders providing valuable lessons in developing, financing, leading and operating an organization in today’s economy.

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The entrepreneurship minor is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to successfully operate their own small business.  The minor is designed for non-business majors only.

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The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to expose students and prospective entrepreneurs to the beginning knowledge and skills needed to examine and evaluate entrepreneurship opportunities. The certificate will provide students with an overview of information they would encounter if they went on to earn the minor in Entrepreneurship or BBA concentration in Entrepreneurship, each of which more fully prepares people to operate their own small business.

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Maverick Milestone Class-ESSL290

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  What do you want to do when you grow up?

Develop your Entrepreneurial Mindset. The entrepreneurial mindset can help you succeed no matter what your career goals are and what discipline you choose. Explore the world of possibilities.  Play with ideas. Learn how to turn ideas into opportunities.  Collaborate with different disciplines. Learn about problem solving from different perspectives. Taught by the Coleman Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows, a multi-disciplinary group of faculty passionate about teaching 21st century skills. 

Entrepreneurship (ENTR 450)

Analysis of managerial problems of entrepreneurs.  Course work focuses on preparing a business plan.

Entrepreneurship for Creatives (MUSA 365)

Preparation for aspiring musical creatives to build a career through entrepreneurial activities, including business model development, project management strategy development, budgeting and promotion leading to a start-up endeavor in the creative sector.

The Point, a University Center restaurant and activities hub, is managed by students in Experiential Management: Student Run Business (MANG442). This class provides students with the principles of developing and operating a functioning business.  The students not only work in the business, but they also manage the business.  The students track and analyze records of the pub (inventory, staffing, financials and marketing).  They use this information to schedule personnel, order inventory and run marketing campaigns to increase sales.  Students apply theory and practical experience to affect positive change. The class members work with CMU administration and government regulators to assure rules and regulations are followed.