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In addition to incorporating entrepreneurial skills into their individual course work, Coleman Fellows offer many programs campus-wide:

Idea Challenge

Coleman Fellows and the Entrepreneurship Club cohost a monthly Idea Challenge.  This challenge gives students a chance to exercise their creativity and innovation skills.  This is an especially great event for freshman and sophomores. (For more information contact Georgann Jouflas.)

Mentor Mondays

This is an opportunity for students to meet with local entrepreneurs and specialists in a casual setting. Instead of the usual guest speaking relationship, students have the opportunity to engage in conversations with innovators.  (Mentor Mondays is offered the second Monday of the month from 5pm-6pm in the Maverick Innovation Center.)

Maverick Entrepreneurial Mindset Challenge

Entrepreneurial Mindset--resourcefulness, determination, tolerance for ambiguity, curiosity and connection -is what is need to be successful in the 21st century. Get caught displaying one of these mindsets and earn a card.  Redeem the card for a prize at The Point.  (For more information contact Georgann Jouflas.)

Maverick Milestone Class-ESSL290

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  What do you want to do when you grow up?

Develop your Entrepreneurial Mindset.  The entrepreneurial mindset can help you succeed no matter what your career goals are and what discipline you choose.   Explore the world of possibilities.  Play with ideas. Learn how to turn ideas into opportunities.  Collaborate with different disciplines. Learn about problem solving from different perspectives. Taught by the Coleman Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows, a multi-disciplinary group of faculty passionate about teaching 21st century skills. 

(Link Program Sheet)