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Innovation Center LabThe Maverick Innovation Center offers students from all academic disciplines the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into reality by working with students from other disciplines, community experts and CMU faculty. Open to participating students 24/7, an array of resources including industry-standard technologies are available to support product development.

Located at 730 Mesa Avenue, the center includes space designed for different uses ranging from small meetings and brainstorming to design work and prototype production.  Lining the walls are stand-up-style desks turned in various directions to facilitate interaction. Whiteboard walls enable students to brainstorm. A conference room provide students the opportunity to network with others around the globe.

The center offers three large screen media areas for club meetings, project conferences and local community meetings. The Center has hosted groups such as West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas, Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy, CMU Foundation and Rotary clubs for students to observe and develop an understanding of how organizations function.

As important as the attractive surroundings and new technologies, the innovation center offers students access to experts and classes so they gain the knowledge and tools to turn a dream into reality.

Our vision for the Maverick Innovation Center:

  • Student-centered, collaborative environment
  • Agile and interdisciplinary interactive learning center
  • Immersion in critical-thinking scenarios
  • Key industry, government and academic partnerships