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There are many CMU clubs and organizations that nurture innovation and creative thinking. Join a club today and start bringing new ideas into the world.

American Society for Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE)

The club's mission is to give students a greater understanding of real world design, manufacturing and cost analysis of engineering projects. Projects change each semester. (For more information, contact Scott Kessler)

Animation, Motion and Photography (AMP)

This club focuses on students in the Animation, Film, Photography and Motion Design major. Club members offer support and guidance to their peers while also having fun. The club creates opportunities for members to learn and grow as individuals and as a team outside of the classroom through guest speakers, field trips and their version of boot camps. They are a warm and welcoming family that wants to network and grow relationships even outside of the Department of Art and Design, so if any student is interested in animation, film, acting, writing script, a hobby outside of their major, speak Klingon, have mastered the Jedi sword, enjoy cartoons of ANY kind (we are Disney geeks too), would like to discuss the Marvel vs. DC universe, or addicted to Netflix, then this is the club for them.  (For more information contact Susie Garner.)

Computer Science Club

Club members are offered the resources, access and tools to invent the future. (For more information, contact Karl Castleton

Business Careers in Entertainment Club

This is an independent, student-led club that explores trends and opportunities in the arts and entertainment industries with a special focus on arts entrepreneurship.  Opportunities include attending the Self Employment in the Arts conference. (For more information contact Sean Flanigan.)

Ceramics Club

With an average of 15 students, the Ceramics Club supports and encourages students in the development of artistic endeavors using clay. Ceramic faculty advise the club.  Members hold at least three events annually - Mother’s Day, Christmas sale, and Artober – to raise funds for the club.  These funds are used to help members attend international/ national ceramic conferences, gallery openings and bring ceramic artists to campus. Ceramic Club members have  attended the National Council of the Education on Ceramics Arts (NCECA) in Kansas City and Portland, Oregon.  (For more information contact Susie Garner.)

CMU Printmaking Guild

The CMU Printmaking Guild was formed in 2015. It averages a dozen members. The club actively fundraises by live-printing woodcut prints onto T-shirts. They have used funds to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit the Tamarind Institute of Lithography, Takach Press and New Grounds. One of their goals is to partially fund one or more student’s travels to Frogman’s Printmaking Workshops. (For more information contact Susie Garner.)


Engineering Club

Mechanical engineering students engage in building a new and improved version of a SAE Formula racecar. The students compete in the design competition hosted by SAE International, the Society for Automotive, Aerospace and Commercial Vehicle Engineers. (For more information, contact Scott Kessler)

Mesa Emerging Designers (MED)

MED is a student-run, American Institute of Graphic Arts  recognized community of designers in the Graphic Design program.  Committee members organize events, help guide and inspire other students and bring together the tight-knit design community. Every semester opportunities are created for design majors to experience the industry outside of school ranging from field trips to the front range to attending design conferences in Dublin, Ireland. Currently, MED has more than 60 members. (For more information contact Susie Garner.)

Sculpture Guild

The Sculpture Guild, established in 2013, serves students with an interest in the field of sculpture.  They participate in activities, field trips and conferences related to contemporary sculpture.  The guild holds multiple fundraisers each semester ranging from the creation of the homecoming mascot effigy to community iron pour scratch block workshops.  Money raised is used for travel and conference fees so guild members may expand their horizons in the contemporary art world.  To date, the sculpture guild has attended and participated in conferences and symposia in Birmingham, Alabama, Laramie, Wyoming, Phoenix, Arizona and Crested Butte, Colorado. (For more information contact Susie Garner.)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The club’s mission is to aid engineering students in reaching their full potential in academics and desired careers.  SWE students gain additional skills through networking, experience in local industry, and community outreach. (For more information, contact Sarah Lanci