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Friday Eve from 6 (well, 4) til 9, August 27, 2021; Date Night for Ideas.

This years event will be in person at the Maverick Innovation Center!  Registered people will get a zoom link if you cannot participate in person!  You can come as early as 4 pm for the Computer Science / Computer Secuity Industrial Advisory Board Mixer to meet CS/E students and advisory members.  Everyone please show up by 6 pm for the pitch event!  There will be food and beverages. Bring your id! And plan on enjoying meeting people and talking about ideas!

The goal is to partner up projects from around the communty with students at the university for valuable collaborations.  If you leave with a handshake and a contact by the end of the evening that is a win.

Saturday morning from 9 am til noon (well 1), August 28, 2021; project cooker.

There is additional time Saturday 9 am until lunch for mentors and students to meet and hash out details for their projects.  If you want to get a project started on the right foot, this is a great way to get things cooking!  We will provide breakfast and lunch for those who join us on Saturday. 

Friday, August 27 • 4-6 pm - Community Mixer

4:00–6:30 pm Computer Science & Cybersecurity Industrial Advisory Committee sponsored mixer.  All students looking for or have ideas are welcome.  For IAC members that cannot participate in person, please contact Warren MacEvoy ( to setup a zoom to participate in the mixer or ask to have scheduled mixers on Saturday. 

6:30-7:00 pm Introduction to Innovation Center and Go@CMU 

7:00-7:30 pm 1-3 minute pitches: Students - tell us a problem you want to solve and what help you need or join a team to work on a problem. Business owners - you want students to help solve your concept – come pitch it Friday night and see students come to the plate!

7:30-8:00 pm Commit to projects.  Visit breakout zoom meetings and decide what you want to commit to.  Course professors will approve projects for various classes.

8:00–9:00 pm Get basic resources in line.  Who is on a project, what time and skill they can commit to,  and their contact information, when can you meet, and the outline of work for the next two weeks on the project.

Saturday, August 28 • 9 am-noon

Note, we hope Satuday is useful but it is optional.  Come if it is a value to you.

9:00–9:30 am Breakfast.

9:30-10:00 am Plan. Morning will be broken into 30 minute blocks for mock interviews, project planning, zoom meetings with remote participants.

10-noon Do.

Noon Lunch and adjorn!  (The afternoon is for Computer Science/Cybersecurity IAC business).  Thanks!

How to Participate


If you are looking for a term project, a research or internship opportunity or have an idea you would like help to get started, register now. 

Community Mentors

If you are willing to provide supportive guidance, helping students make an idea more successful, and perhaps have a need that might be satisfied with a student project or internship, register here. 


If you willing to provide insights, passion and supportive guidance for your company’s project and can attend the program, please register here. 


If you oversee a class that involves a large project (like a senior capstone class), and you would like to be as impactful as possible for your students' careers, this is a cross-disciplinary, real-world opportunity for your students.

Faculty Info Faculty Registration

Questions? Contact Tom Benton at or 970.248.2143.