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Ron Allred
2017 E-Day keynote speaker Ron Allred

Entrepreneurship Day (E-Day)

Colorado Mesa University hosts an annual Entrepreneurship Day.  Co-sponsored by the Davis School of Business and the Foundation, the event features a keynote speaker who is an innovative leader in their field.  E-Day also features breakout sessions highlighting local entrepreneurs and professionals, tying classroom theory to real-world experience. All sessions are free and open to the public.

Elevator Pitch Competition

Elevator Pitch competitors
Elevator Pitch competitors

In the weeks leading up to E-Day, students have the opportunity to participate in the “Elevator Pitch.” competition. The Elevator Pitch requires competitors to present their entrepreneurial idea in 90 seconds to a panel of judges. The top three finalists present their pitch at the E-Day luncheon for cash prizes.

Student Showcase

This annual event features projects presented by more than 500 students from Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College. The projects include scholarly and/or creative activities ranging from artistic exhibits, paper presentations, posters, readings, demonstrations and performances. The projects are evaluated by judges, including community and faculty members.  For more information go to