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A Business Initiative General Studies (BIGS) Degree, focuses on getting your own business started while getting your baccalaureate degree.

Through a combined mentorship between the innovation center, the Davis School of Business, and whichever specialization you require for your specific business goals, the BIGS degree crafts a specific set of classes which provides you the opportunity to build your specific business. 

The degree is a mentored track of the General Studies degree.  You will work with Innovation Center mentors to design your degree, and under the supervision of innovation center mentors, business faculty, and faculty related to your area of specialization, you will spend your valuable time working on launching a business while getting your degree.

Contact the innovation center if you don't "fit the mold" of a traditional baccalaureate, or you are wanting to develop that big idea and need to create your own unique future - think BIGS!