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Who are we?

Associated Student Government (ASG) is made up of Colorado Mesa University students. Elections are held once a year at the end of Spring Semester, with one year terms. We are here to allocate money to clubs and organizations as well as plan fun events to showcase Mavericks for all of their work. 
ASG is divided into three branches:
  • Executive Branch is made up of seven executives: President, Vice President, Student Trustee (all of which are elected) Director of External Affairs and Communication, Budget Director, Press Secretary and Chief of Staff (Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate)
  • Student Senate is made of 26 Senators, elected by the students in the Spring who serve to initiate and enact necessary legislation.
  • Student Supreme Court has 3 Supreme Court Justices that serve to address any questions about ASG's constitution and handle grievances.
  • House of Representatives is made up of 9 members including the House speaker who are responsible for all matters related to student fee assessment, allocation, and oversight over bills and budgets. 

What do we do?

ASG strives to be the voice of the students, and represent the variety of needs. Senators allocate student funds to various clubs, organizations, and students for the purpose of enhancing the experience of the students or the name of the school as a whole. Senators meet weekly for the General Assembly Meeting to allocate funds and are involved with other committees as well.

Where and when do we meet?

For the 2023-2024 academic year ASG will have General Assembly meetings each Wednesday at 7pm in UC 213. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and to partake in public input.

What's new?

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Here's the ASG constitution, check this out!