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Currently Under Renovation

The Maverick Pavilion (or Mav Pav) serves as a facility for recreational activities and Kinesiology Classes. Once completed (tentatively scheduled for early 2023) students, faculty and staff have access to many features, including:

  • Bridge to connect the Maverick Center to MavPav
  • New Track loop in MavPav
  • 1 Mondo Sport Court (court 1)
  • 4 Wood Floor courts (courts 2-5)
  • Drop-Down Volleyball Nets
  • 38' Climbing Wall with attached Bouldering Wall
  • A state-of-the-art cycling training room (for our Cycling Team)
  • Kinesiology Athletic Training Lab & Classroom


Featured amenities at the Maverick Pavilion


Hamilton Rec Center Main Line: 970.248.1592

MavPav Direct Line: 970.248.1501

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