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All members are required to have their own copies of sheet music in their possession at every rehearsal and performance event.  Exceptions will only be made when specific music is memorized prior to performances at the discretion of the director and other leadership.  

Personal Music Folder Requirements

  • DRUMLINE members will be required to have a 3 ring 1" binder including all warm-ups, stands tunes, and show music.  Drumline members WILL NOT use flip folders.  Drumline parts for stands music can be found towards the bottom of each PDF file below (containing all other wind parts). Drumline parts for show music will be distributed during preseason camp.  Cadences and other drum-line specific exercises are located on the drumline page. Please communicate directly with your section leader and/or Mr. Lavadie for all other drum-line specific music needs.  
  • ALL WIND MEMBERS must have their own flip folder with a minimum of 13 pages total and should be organized as listed below. Write your name and phone number on the black plastic frame of your folder so that it can be returned when lost.  
    • ROOKIES will receive a new flip folder free of charge containing all of the music needed for their first season.  
    • VETERANS are required to reuse the flip folder provided to them in their rookie season and reorganize according to the current season’s needs (below). 
    • LOST FLIP FOLDERS will need to be replaced at the member's expense. To purchase a new one ($10, includes required number of pages), please communicate with the music manager. These items can also be purchased separately at Roper Music or other online retailers. 
    • QUESTIONS? Communicate with the Music Manager and/or your section leader.

Front Side of Flip-Folder (Warm-ups & school songs, 12 pages necessary)

Back/Reverse Side of Flip-Folder (Show music & Stands Tunes)