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drumline on fieldThe Maverick Stampede Drumline is the "heartbeat" of the band and consists of CMU's finest percussionists. This 18-26 member line typically consists of 6-8 snares, 3-4 sextet toms (tenors), 5-6 tonal bass drums and 4-8 cymbals, and is under the direction of Mr. Isaac Lavadie and Dr. Jonathan Hinkle. The Stampede Drumline performs on professional grade custom instruments by Pearl and Zildjian. Students of all levels of previous experience are encouraged to participate, but will be required to meet basic fundamental competencies, depending on desired instrument, via an audition. Openings after this time, if any, will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

For a sample of what our drumline sounds like, check-out these informal videos

Please direct drumline specific inquires to Mr. Lavadie