How to Join

Maverick Stampede on Field

Student wanting to participate in a CMU Athletic Band, must also participate in the fall marching band (Maverick Stampede) during that same academic year.  Prospective members of the "Maverick Stampede" should complete the marching band’s online registration form (See Below) to ensure a spot and order required uniform items.  These students should also communicate with their section leader (posted in May) with questions and to inform them of their intent to participate.

There is currently no audition requirement to join the wind section of the Maverick Stampede. Prospective members of the drumline and color guard will be auditioned.  Drumline members can get information about this audition on the Drumline webpage.  Guard members should contact their designated section leader.

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Many members of the Maverick Stampede receive a marching band specific scholarship for their participation.  Scholarships typically range from $200-$500 depending on the student's ability, positive contribution to the ensemble, previous experience, and prior years of service with the Maverick Stampede.  You do not need to be a music major to receive a marching band scholarship.  With the large size of this ensemble, it is not possible for everyone to receive a scholarship, and thus will be offered to select students and/or students who specifically seek this opportunity (via a simple video audition, see below).  Scholarships are not automatically renewed for continuing participants. 

Dr. Hinkle reserves the right to award scholarships to students directly.

Additional award money for participation in CMU Athletic Bands can be earned by applying for and becoming an official student leader or by participating in the Rowdy Brass Band (August-May).

What to Prepare

Students interested in receiving an athletic band scholarship should complete the following steps ASAP (for best consideration) or before the deadline of 5 pm on July 1 for consideration in the Maverick Stampede. Additional award money for participation in CMU Athletic Bands can be earned by applying for and becoming an official student leader or by participating in the Maverick Sound (pep-band, January-March) or the Rowdy Brass Band (August-May).

To submit your audition:

  • Using a smartphone or personal computer, record a short 30-60 second video demonstrating your best performance ability.
  • In your video, you should be performing alone and not with others, but otherwise, this can be very informal.

  • Total video time should not exceed 60 seconds, and you should start by introducing yourself and your preferred marching band instrument.

  • Videos should be emailed directly to Dr. Hinkle ( and should include your full name, instrument, and "Maverick Stampede Scholarship" in the Subject.

  • In order for the successful submission of videos, file sizes should not exceed 25MB (megabytes), and students are encouraged to send much smaller files if possible. High definition resolution is not necessary.

  • Students who cannot send a video via email may choose to submit a link for a 30-60 video that is posted on or similar websites.

  • Submit your video for scholarship consideration ASAP and before the deadline of 5 pm on July 1.

  • If eligible, you will be notified via an email response within 30 days.


  • Music performed does not need to be solo literature, but could simply be a part or section of music that was previously performed with a marching, concert, or jazz ensemble. As example, 32 measures of a marching band song or cadence would be sufficient. A chromatic scale to demonstrate your playable range is also recommended.


  • Colorguard members can simply prepare a choreographed solo or selection that was previously performed with a marching band, color guard, or winter guard that demonstrates choreography retention and technical proficiency.  This demonstration should include at minimum both movement (dance) and flag.  Integration of weapon is optional. 

All Maverick Stampede members must register for MUSP 147, 247, 347, 447 as well as fill-out the Maverick Stampede Registration form (See Below). For planning and drill-writing purposes, please do both of these ASAP and/or before June 1 if possible.  Students that do not take these steps run the risk of not having spots in shows or having correct uniform parts ordered for them. 

The Maverick Stampede is an official CMU course available for either 1 Kinesiology credit (a requirement for all CMU students) or for "zero" credit. Participants are required to participate in a short preseason camp, held one week before classes begin each fall.  Although the marching band season may seem time consuming to some, students in this course will not have obligations outside of class time or past the last home football game.  Regular season rehearsals are from 6-9pm on Tuesday & Thursday evenings starting the first day of the fall term.  Feel free to stop by a rehearsal or come to a game to see the Stampede in action!

Register for the Official Marching Band Course: 

  • MUSP 147 (1st year participant)
    • Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
  • MUSP 247 (2nd year participant)
    • Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
    • Section 002: 0 credit option (no cost option)
  • MUSP 347 (3rd year participant)
    • Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
    • Section 002: 0 credit option (no cost option)
  • MUSP 447 (3rd year participant)
    • Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
    • Section 002: 0 credit option (no cost option)

Q: Is participating in the Maverick Stampede expensive?

A: No! In fact, participation in the Maverick Stampede is one of the least expensive campus activities at CMU and in many cases is less expensive than many other college bands.  Even when the band travels, these costs are covered for members (FREE TRAVEL).  As a benefit to band participants, all rookie members of the band are required to purchase several informal uniform items (Under Armor brand stretch & water repellent warm-up jacket & pants, hat, & t-shirt) with CMU Band logos.  All of these items together will cost the student $90 (55% off retail, items ordered in Registration Form, money collected during preseason camp). Members of the band will own these items, keep, and wear them as they please.  Students must also own a pair of black marching band performance shoes. In most cases, students already own these from their high school band experience.  If not, they can be purchased for an additional $30 (Registration Form).  All items are one-time expenses and will not need to be purchased for subsequent seasons.  Flip folders, music, formal uniforms, and other equipment are provided at no cost.  There are no other costs or "band fees."

Q: When will the Maverick Stampede Rehearse?

A: The Maverick Stampede rehearses Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm starting in the middle of August (1st week of classes) and ending in late October.  Here is a detailed fall schedule. The CMU Wind Symphony will not rehearse during this part of the marching band season, to accommodate students who want to participate in both ensembles, but rather will begin rehearsals in October as the Maverick Stampede season is winding down.

Q: Where will the Maverick Stampede Rehearse?

A: In 2017 a new state-of-the-art CMU Athletic Band rehearsal, meeting, and storage facility was constructed for the dedicated use and rehearsal of various CMU Athletic Bands.  On occasion, the Maverick Stampede also has access to rehearse in Stocker Stadium and other spaces on campus.  

Q: How big is the Maverick Stampede?

A: In only a few short years of existence, the Maverick Stampede is proud to hold the titles of CMU's largest student organization and the largest marching band on the Western Slope.  Membership in the last few years has typically ranged from 140-160 members, but is also expected to grow and strengthen in future seasons.

Q: Is an audition required to participate?

A: Although previous band experience is highly recommended, no audition is required for students wishing to perform on wind instruments. Students interested in participating in the drum-line will be required to audition in late April. Continue reading for details about drum-line specific dates, including an information/help session, auditions, and a required spring rehearsal

Q: Will there be a Pre-Season Band Camp?

A: Yes, there will be a short and fun camp starting one week before classes begin each fall.  Attendance at all events associated with this camp are required of all participants.  Incoming freshman who are interested in being in the marching band, but would also like to take the FYI (Freshman Year Initiative) course also offered one week before classes begins are encouraged to participate in the alternative FYI course that is offered during the regular Fall term so as not to interfere with this pre-season marching band camp.  Also, students that will be living in on-campus housing will be able to move-in early with no extra charge for this early arrival time.  This is a huge benefit for students that is only offered to marching band members and other student athletes.

Q: What if I don't have an instrument?

A: The Music Department has purchased complete sets of marching percussion (drum-line) and large brass instruments (Mellophones, Trombones, Baritones, & Sousaphones). Students who play smaller instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet) will need to provide their own instrument.   Students without their own instrument should contact Dr. Hinkle for more information.

Q: Do I need to sign-up for a class?

A: Yes.  Students participating in the Maverick Stampede MUST register for the official course This will enable you to receive college credit for their participation.  Additionally, students will be able the receive one Kinesiology credit (three required for all CMU students, like PE credits) for their participation in the marching band during their first year of membership.  This is a huge benefit and should be highly considered for students that are interested in participating.  For more information about exact course numbers and sections available, please click here. For planning and drill-writing purposes, students are encouraged to register for marching band by June 1 AND fill-out the Maverick Stampede Registration Form (See Below) to ensure that a spot in half-time and pregame shows will be made specifically for you.


Q: If I participate, do I need to be available for all rehearsals and performances?

A: Yes.  However, students with special circumstances or concerns should speak directly with Dr. Hinkle.


Q: If I have further questions, who should I contact?

A:  Please attempt to communicate with the appropriate student leader first, then Dr. Hinkle if your questions remain unanswered.