Student Leadership

2019 Leadership

Maverick Stampede Student Leaders

3 position levels.  Positions may be combined based on needs and student strengths. 

  • Captains (Drum Major, Band Captain, Visual Captain - highest level of responsibility/stipend)
  • Managers (Facilities, Instruments, Uniform, Data, Music, Media - high level of responsibility/stipend)
  • Section Leaders (responsibility based on section size or other needs)

All past members of the Maverick Stampede are eligible to apply for a leadership position, and are eligible to receive a stipend (~$100-$400) depending on responsibility and efforts associated with their position and duties assigned by the director.  Stipends are in addition to any athletic band scholarship awarded (if applicable).  At the discretion of the director (although rare), stipends, titles, and privileges of student leaders may be reduced or revoked in the event leaders do not follow-through with their responsibilities and obligations.  If you are NOT willing to take-on extra responsibilities associated with a leadership position and its title, do not apply.  

Selection of leaders are based on the application/interview/audition process AND past participation in the Maverick Stampede, academic standing, and commitment to the program.  Student should read and know the specific responsibilities associated with each position before applying.  

Appointed leaders are required to attend short weekly meetings (as necessary) during the fall season, most of which will take place directly before or after regularly scheduled rehearsals.  There are also a few pre and post season meetings or activities where attendance is required. 

Fall 2019 Leadership Interview & Audition Schedule:

  • Prior to Final week of Classes
  • Final Week of Classes
    • Wednesday, May 8 & Thursday, May 9, 9am-4pm - Interview
      • details & sign-up (15 min. slot) on Dr. Hinkle's office door
      • fill-out and bring this leadership application 
    • Thursday, May 9, 4:30pmCaptain Auditions (President, Drum Major, Visual Captain)
    • Friday, May 10, 12-1pm - Captains (only) meeting with Dr. Hinkle
  • Final Exam Week
    • Wednesday, May 15, 3-9pm - Spring Leadership retreat (Attendance required. Bring $ for dinner)
Audition (revised Spring 2019): 
  1. New for Spring 2019 - Due to time restrains, at least 1 day (by 5pm) prior to your interview, submit a ~60 second video audition excerpt via a YouTube link sent direct to
    1. Winds & Percussion - Prepare and perform an excerpt of music on your preferred instrument (marching or concert).  Excerpts should be selected from anything performed in the previous season and should demonstrate your best performance abilities. Music does not need to be memorized.  Percussionist may use practice pads.
    2. Guard - Prepare and perform a solo routine. 
Interview (revised Spring 2019): 
  1. Sign-up for an interview on Dr. Hinkle’s office door. Be available to arrive 15 minutes prior to your interview time.
  2. Arrive 15 minute early.
  3. Dress nice - like a job interview. 
  4. Bring completed leadership application form (revised Spring 2019, typed or in best legible handwriting).


Drum Major, Band Captain, and/or Visual Captain applicants should communicate directly with Dr. Hinkle and prepare for an additional short conducting and marching/visual audition. These candidates are encouraged to meet 1-on-1 with a past Captain for details associated with this specific audition.

All students selected for leadership positions will be required to attend a mandatory spring retreat usually taking place during Final Exam week.  Failure to come to this meeting may immediately forfeit your ability to serve on the fall leadership team.

2019 Leadership

Band Captain Brittney Moschetti (970) 712-6029
Head Drum Major & Visual Captain Noah Graf (970) 985-2103
Assist. Drum Major Josh Dawe  (970) 773-4729
Facilities & Instrument Matthew Bohling (970) 209-4916
Uniform Miguel Gutierrez (970) 376-0211
Data  Mikaela Sullivan (970) 985-9940
Music Tori Welch (720) 402-8305
Media - Website & PR Mckenzie Moore (970) 424-2173
Media (assist) - Instagram Rebekah Nielsen (970) 712-8099
Guard (co) Harley Galbasini (970) 773-8830
Guard (co) Molly Bethe (720) 323-6262
Flute Brittney Moschetti (970) 712-6029
Clarinet Celeste Tovar (970) 987 0905
Alto Saxophone Colton Stumpf (970) 903-4425
Tenor Saxophone Chantz Syddall (970) 424-6773
Trumpet Tori Welch (720) 402-8305
Trumpet (assistant) Kylie Bronk (720) 281-6724
Mellophone Tanner Mahovsky (970) 234-1722
Trombone Kenny Lucero (970) 683-1933
Baritone TBD  
Sousaphone Nicolle Moss (970) 901-7858
Drumline (co) Trystan Berg  (970) 822-5030
Drumline (co) Tyler Empson  (970) 424-2193