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By definition, an internship is a supervised learning experience under the tutelage of a schooled professional.  By practice, an internship is an opportunity for students to gain work experience in the career field associated with their studies.  Not only do internships provide students with a realistic understanding of day-to-day aspects of a particular industry, but internships also offer important opportunities to network with professionals in the field.  An internship may make students stronger candidates for jobs after graduation because of the industry insights gained while interning.

Sometimes, companies extend job offers to interns who have performed exceptionally well and who have proven themselves hardworking, attentive, proactive, adaptable, and respectful.  Even if a company is not hiring at the time an internship ends, a student who has shown these attributes is more likely to get an excellent letter of reference. 

Department of Kinesiology students have completed internships with many organizations in a variety of capacities, to include:

  • Local and nationally franchised Fitness and Recreation Centers and gyms
  • Assisted living and Alzheimer's care facilities
  • CMU Varsity and Intramural Athletic teams; Hamilton Rec Center at CMU
  • Golf Clubs and Associations
  • Colorado Discover Ability (CDA)
  • District 51 Schools
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Family Health West, Community Hospital, Delta County Memorial Hospital
  • Local Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Department of Veterans Affairs; Veterans Administration Medical Center
  • Powderhorn Ski Resort
  • Special Olympics
  • USA Volleyball Women's National Team
  • Club, College, and Professional Sports Organizations across the country

Internship Opportunities

Department of Kinesiology majors can discover available internships in several ways:

Registering for an Internship for Credit

Kinesiology majors can apply for an internship and earn credit towards their Kinesiology degree by discussing the plan with their advisor and requesting permission to register for a KINE 499 Internship, which varies from 3-12 credit hours and is open to Senior Kinesiology students in good standing.  

Each credit is equivalent to 45 hours of work as an intern.